A step by step guide to create a elegant home with sustainable green choices & living clutter free

First of all, ask yourself what it is exactly that you would like to sustain. Hopefully your answer will be the most obvious one, and that is to live a greener, nature conscious, simpler life that will sustain you in your day to day living and on a personal and spiritual level.

Making these choices are far more easier than most people think, if we keep things both close to home and close to the heart: these are things that truly and deeply fulfil us and are very individual. But we all have the same obligations and that is to protect our home, our nature, our planet.

So lets start!

1. STEP :

Conserve Energy!

Switch to a all green Gas and Energy supplier. We all hear it but why don't we all do it?

Trust me companies want to have our business so we on the upper hand to demand changes in the price we paying and the way it is supplied. We are more in control then we think. Green energy is not only gone save you a huge chunk of money but you will play a major part to rescue our planet.

If you live in the UK go to All you have to do is provide your postcode and you will find a list of companies that provide clean energy.

My choice of company is a green gas and 100% renewable electricity.

Absolut impecable customer service, easy to understand and navigate website to view your account. The usage and balance are very transparent.

Use code for discount

" Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed"

Mahatma Ghandi

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